Our Narratives Improve...


  • Improve Billing Returns
  • Increase Revenue
  • Decrease Denials

Our Narratives Improve...


  • More Consistent Narratives
  • Better Patient Care
  • Increase Efficiency

Narrative Writing Software for ePCRs

NarrativePRO is a narrative writing software compatible with all types of ePCR software and paper reports. Our software creates an organized, detailed narrative, which helps eliminate many common documentation problems EMS personnel encounter when writing their narrative. By reducing these problems EMS agencies are able to:

  • Increase revenue and improve returns from Medicare and Medicaid
  • Create more detailed and consistent narratives from all crew members
  • Strengthen legal protection by filling in the necessary gaps
  • Improve patient care by improving the QA/QI process

If you have been trying to achieve any of these objectives, NarrativePRO is the solution you have been looking for!

Try NarrativePRO software to start improving your narrative today.

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