NarrativePRO Software Benefits

NarrativePRO software can benefit many EMS agencies by helping to solve some common problems with narrative writing. By improving the narratives of EMS personnel, NarrativePRO helps EMS and Fire departments save time and money through:

  • Precise medicare/medicaid terminology
  • Increased revenues from fewer claims denials
  • More complete and consistent narratives
  • Report writing time reduced by 50%

How NarrativePRO Improves EMS Patient Care Reports

NarrativePRO’s unique software offers a solution to each of these problems. The user-friendly program creates thorough, consistent reports that lead to increased revenue, legal protection, and improved patient care.

Precise Medicare/Medicaid Terminology

Our narrative writing software reminds the user to record the necessary information to support the need for the patient to be transported by ambulance. For example, if a crew member does not know the exact requirements for a patient to be bed bound by Medicare, NarrativePRO will walk them through a checklist to assess the situation. This type of thorough documentation creates more detailed reports which lead to decreased denials and increased returns from Medicare and Medicaid, resulting in greater revenue for EMS agencies.

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Legal Protection

NarrativePRO makes it easier for Paramedics to write more consistent and thorough reports. The software prompts users to provide details about actions they may perform automatically and not think to record. By including these details, the narrative software creates a report that will have stronger legal defensibility and help EMS personnel to recall specific facts about the run, even years later.

Improved Patient Care

QA/QI can be more easily performed on reports generated using NarrativePRO because our narrative writing software clearly organizes the narrative in a way that is easy to read and evaluate. The software produces a narrative with headings that break the narrative into sections, such as “Assessment” and “Treatments”. This allows QA/QI teams to quickly assess if the proper procedures were followed and make strong, relevant suggestions for improvement. As a result, report writing time is reduced by 30% and patient care improves.

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