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FAQs About Narrative Writing Software

1. Is NarrativePRO affordable? (click question for answer)
Absolutely, NarrativePRO costs only a fraction of what a normal ePCR would cost. Because NarrativePRO can actually generate revenue, it is really not an expense, as much as it is an investment.
2. Will NarrativePRO work with our current reporting system?
Yes. NarrativePRO works as an add-on program, simply copy and paste into what you are already using, even if its paper forms.
3. Do I have to buy laptops to use NarrativePRO?
No. NarrativePRO has a built in printing feature that allows you to print your report directly to paper and attach to your state form so there is no need to spend thousands of dollars on laptops. Your desktop computer works just fine.
4. Is NarrativePRO NEMSIS compliant?
Yes. NarrativePRO meets current standard for NEMSIS compliance by default because there are no specific requirements for the narrative section.
5. Do I have to use the options the program gives me?
No. Even though the program provides numerous, detailed choices, you had the freedom to type whatever you wish in almost all of the fields. You can still use your own words.
6. Does the report read as if it is computer generated?
No. The program is designed to read just as if you were to speak the report. The way in which the program reads is very important to us. We take pride to ensure that the read out is as normal as possible.

NarrativePRO Software Updates

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