NarrativePRO & RightDose Join Forces

Partnership Enhances Patient Safety and Streamlines Documentation Protocol

St. Louis, MO. (January 26, 2017) – In the back of an ambulance, speed and accuracy can mean the difference between life and death. Every first responder needs the tools required to make split-second decisions at the point of care and the technology to properly document patient treatment. Thanks to a new joint partnership between NarrativePRO™ and RightDose, two of the resources emergency medical service (EMS) personnel need most are now always right at hand.

The collaboration unites two leaders in the medical field. For the past five years, NarrativePRO writing software has allowed EMTs to create detailed, organized patient narratives in minutes. By bringing RightDose’s capabilities together with NarrativePRO, EMS workers also have access to the user-friendly RightDose Pediatric and Adult Drug Dosing Guide and mobile app that provide the exact medication dosage for any patient’s weight and age without the need for manual calculation. The two products can be purchased separately or in conjunction with one another for a complete blanket of care.

“In an emergency, every second matters,” remarked NarrativePRO general manager Ron Kramer. “A critical part of patient care is administering the right medication and the right dosage. RightDose removes the potential of human error and lowers the risk of possible overdose and patient injury. Once the patient is in the care of the hospital, NarrativePRO helps EMTs create patient care reports to improve the QA process and resolve potential billing issues. Having these two robust programs together is a win-win for EMS companies in terms of patient care and patient reimbursement.”

According to Bob Steele, a founding partner at RightDose, the company’s streamlined medication database and field guides have significantly reduced error rates in the field. Studies have shown that using RightDose rather than traditional on-the-spot calculations lowers error rates from 65 percent to 4 percent.

Said Steele, “RightDose is simple for anyone to use. With NarrativePRO’s reach in the market and their success with software-driven EMS solutions, we thought it was the perfect match in order to get RightDose in the hands of EMTs across the nation to help make their jobs easier and better protect the lives of their patients and caregivers.”

EMS companies wishing to learn more about NarrativePRO and RightDose are invited to visit www.narrativepro.com or call 888-943-5604.

About NarrativePRO: NarrativePRO™ narrative writing software allows EMS personnel to quickly create detailed and organized patient narratives, eliminating documentation problems that lead to claim denial. Compatible with all types of ePCR software and paper reports, NarrativePRO’s industry-leading technology and consistent reporting provides strengthen legal protection, improve patient care, and increase reimbursement from insurance companies. For more information, visit www.narrativepro.com.

About RightDose: RightDose™ Group is focused on a single mission: to enable health care providers to deliver the Right Dose – every time! Founded in 2012, RightDose reduces the risk of human error, ensuring the right medications and dosages are properly administered to every patient. Its custom medication dosing print guide and mobile app, The RightDose Pediatric and Adult Drug Dosing Guide, can be accessed anywhere, offering access to critical information at the point of care. To learn more, click here to request a demo.