NarrativePRO Software

How It Works

NarrativePRO’s narrative writing software leads users through a series of options to document each incident. Users are guided chronologically through the sections, including History, Assessment, Treatments, Re-Evaluate, and Transport. After filling out the correct information under each tab by using either drop-down boxes or their own words, the user will click the “Tell the Story” button. This generates a complete, chronological narrative that can be transferred directly into the user’s ePCR or added to a paper report.

Features of NarrativePRO

NarrativePRO works as an add-on program for any ePCR software on the market, including paper. This narrative writing software creates a more consistent, detailed narrative in half the amount of time it would take most people to write a narrative on their own. These features make NarrativePRO a great choice for any EMS or Fire department:

  • User-friendly, chronological layout
  • Customizable fields to fit every situation
  • No mandatory fields
  • Ability to edit options in the drop-down list to fit the needs of each customer
  • All software updates and tech support included at no additional cost

Designed 100% by Paramedics

Our narrative writing software was developed by a 15 year field medic. His intention was to create a more efficient way to write a detailed narrative that would also provide legal protection. Since then, NarrativePRO has been continually updated to better serve Paramedics and EMTs in the field. NarrativePRO welcomes comments and suggestions from our customers. Your feedback has helped improved our software to better serve you.

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