NarrativePRO Testimonials

By using NarrativePRO to generate their narrative reports, these EMS agencies have seen a real improvement in the quality and consistency of their documentation. As a result, they have experienced benefits, such as increased revenue and better legal protection. These are a few of NarrativePRO’s success stories:

EMS Staff

One of my medics has already used NarrativePRO on 2 or 3 calls today. He is not a good writer and doesn’t always finish his tickets, but now his narratives are way better and they are finished! The medic stated NarrativePRO makes him sound halfway smart, and enjoys using it. 

We allowed a new EMT, who has never written a run report use NarrativePRO. The report was near perfect, better than those who have been in the field for many years.

As the QI and Billing person, NarrativePRO has definitely made my job much easier. Better and more legible documentation and consistent across all of our staff. We can process claims quicker with fewer tickets to fix. Purchasing NarrativePRO was a no brainier, makes perfect sense for us.

It’s the right thing for our service. We are mandating NarrativePRO on all runs.

Individual Paramedic, JB

As a Paramedic in a high call volume service, I began searching for a narrative writing tool that would allow me to document accurately and efficiently. NarrativePRO allows me to create a very clear and professional narrative while saving time in the process. I have received positive feedback from our Medical Director and our billing company, and I have not received any return tickets from our QA department. NarrativePRO is easy to use, and technical support is quick and efficient. I highly recommend this software to anyone who wants to write an exceptional narrative and save time doing it. 

JB, Paramedic

North Scott County Ambulance District

Since we started using NarrativePRO we have seen a great improvement in our patient care documentation. The reports are more consistent and certainly more detailed. Our billing office is very pleased with the NarrativePRO narratives and we have seen a marked reduction in billing rejections due to poor documentation. I am very happy to recommend NarrativePRO to other EMS providers and I’m really satisfied with the improvement it has made at our service.

Larry Chasteen, Administrator

Pike County Memorial Hospital EMS

We began using NarrativePRO in July of 2010. Since then, I have received numerous compliments from Risk Managers and other services regarding the completeness of our narratives and the ease at which it tells a story. Medics who come to our service are impressed with our documentation program in comparison with those they have used in the past. The Coding Department has commented on the amount of time they are saving due to the ease of coding since our addition of NarrativePRO. Completeness of documentation assists in not only capturing charges, but in ensuring that our documentation is easy to read and logical, even when written at 2am! The Owner and Sales Director, Philip Goggin, was very flexible in allowing us to choose the time and place of the training, preventing unnecessary OT due to training. The training session was very comprehensive and allowed everyone to start using the program right away. Philip has been accessible in case of questions and has contacted me regularly to ensure that there are no issues and that our updates have gone smoothly. The addition of NarrativePRO has greatly improved the effectiveness of our documentation. I would recommend it to anyone!

— Dolly Giles, Director

Logan County EMS

NarrativePRO is a wonderful program. The program was written by Paramedics and continues to be updated and tweaked by Paramedics who welcome input from the users. Once the Paramedic enters all of the data via drop-downs, which can be changed by the user if necessary, a professional, well formatted, concise and complete report is written. The report can easily be used for continuity of care, billing and legal purposes. The cost of the program is completely worth it. The benefits of the program are better documentation to convey to the receiving facility, increased collections since the biller can glean more of the necessary information the first time, and better coverage legally just because of the professional way it is constructed. I liked this program the minute that I saw it a few years ago at the Arkansas EMS Conference. It is one of the best purchases made for Logan County EMS. I highly recommend it to any and all ambulance services.

— Betty A. Fairbanks, Manager


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